Jumping in or underwater? Another optical illusion baffles online photo sleuths

A photo of a little girl playing in water is confounding the online community.

Posted on Reddit with the caption “this girl looks like she’s underwater and jumping at the same time,” viewers have been rendered perplexed by the image.

“Which one is this? My brain is confused,” wrote user butterpopkorn.

“This is really hurting my brain,” wrote another Redditor named Jove4.

Some compared the image to the infamous cover to Nirvana’s 1991 album Nevermind.

But other eagle-eyed members of the online community have pointed out that her hair is dry and not flailing upwards as if she were jumping.

A user by the name of Summerie explained that the filters applied to the photo are creating the illusion that the girl is both underwater and jumping into the water at the same time, sharing another version of the photo with added contrast.

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A Reddit user by the name of Summerie shared this altered version of the photo. Imgur

The altered version makes it clear that the girl is simply crouching in shallow water and splashing her arms around.

This optical illusion is the latest since the infamous black and blue vs. white and gold dress debate from earlier this year.

In the end, the dress proved to be black and blue by the manufacturer.

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