UPDATE: A fugitive for 10 years, wife of slain Canadian millionaire to face trial

“We got her! We got her!”

That’s how Abe Anhang greeted the news on Thursday that a woman charged in the murder of his son, a millionaire Canadian entrepreneur, has been returned to her native Puerto Rico to face trial.

Reached at his home in Winnipeg, Anhang said he intends to be in the courtroom in the capital San Juan when the accused, Aurea Vazquez Rios, appears to face charges for the 2005 slaying of her husband, Adam Anhang.

The woman was a fugitive for 10 years, in Italy and most recently in prison in Spain where she fought extradition. While in prison, she gave birth to her third child, whom she brought back to Puerto Rico.

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Adam Anhang, with a net worth estimated at $24 million US, was bludgeoned to death on the streets of San Juan in September, 2005. His wife is accused of hiring a hitman and promising him $3 million to commit the murder. The indictment says Aurea’s sister, brother and another man were co-conspirators. They will all face trial together.

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The incident was popularly known as The Pink Skirt Murder, after a restaurant near the scene of the killing that Anhang had financed in San Juan’s tourist district.

While Aurea was on the run in Italy, Abe Anhang tracked her movements with the help of a private detective. She was arrested in 2013 after being tricked to board a flight to Madrid.

She spent 27 months in a Spanish prison, fighting efforts to have her extradited. She was married and gave birth to a child while behind bars.

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