Saskatchewan RCMP head to ‘frosh’ party, bring chips, salsa

RCMP posted this picture after hearing about an underage party in Lumsden, SK. Facebook

UPDATE: RCMP made good on their promise and showed up to the party in Lumsden with chips and salsa.

RCMP said they were very well received at the party. Police also had a check stop set up at the party entrance to make sure no one was drinking and driving.

REGINA – RCMP in Saskatchewan are heading to a university party Saturday night and, like any courteous guest, they will be bringing the host a gift.

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After hearing about the party in Lumsden, Sask., the Mounties posted this cheeky RSVP on Facebook, saying officers will bring snacks as well as a choice of possible charges for the party-goers.

Saskatchewan RCMP head to ‘frosh’ party, bring chips, salsa - image
Saskatchewan RCMP / Facebook

The possible charges come with fines ranging from $250-$1050; the most expensive fine for providing liquor to a minor.

RCMP spokesperson Eilidh Thain told CJME news that social media was the best way to educate the public on the charges that can crop up at a party.

“This really connects with people because that’s how they communicate, that’s how they share, and they interact with us quite a bit on our social media website,” he said.

As of Saturday morning the post already had more than 5,000 likes.

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