WATCH: Incredibly polite toddler accepts worst gift ever with gratitude

A toddler with an attitude of gratitude is teaching the Internet an important lesson.

The three-year-old from New England was celebrating his birthday when he ripped open an oddly shaped gift wrapped in Christmas paper.

In a video posted on Vine by the boy’s uncle Jeffery Simmons, he says a very polite “thanks” for the avocado that rolls out of the wrapping paper, a gag gift that most kids his age might have thrown a fit about.

“Earlier in the day we were teaching him that when you get presents from friends and family, you have to react in a polite way, even if you don’t actually like the present,” Simmons told Global News in an email. “So we wrapped up an avocado later on and this was his response!”

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The hilariously polite reaction has spawned its own set of reaction videos as viewers applaud the child for his aplomb and grace.

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Back in 2011, Tim Cocker, a UK radio host and father to Louie and Connie tried a similar experiment on his children to test how spoiled they were.

He handed them each an early Christmas present: a banana for Louie and an onion for Connie.

To his surprise, both children were elated and thankful for their “terrible” gifts.

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