Nova Scotia Nature Trust to protect wetland in Yarmouth county, home to threatened plants

Submitted photo of Wilsons Lake Conservation Lands. Len Wagg

HALIFAX – The Nova Scotia Nature Trust says it has acquired a 120 hectare parcel of wetlands to protect threatened plant species in the southwest part of the province.

The Wilsons Lake area in Yarmouth County is home to a unique plants known as Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora, with 11 of these plant species on Canada’s endangered species list.

The conservation area protects over 2.5 kilometres of lake shoreline, as well as forests, wetlands, and pools important for frogs and other amphibians.

The shoreline habitat is critical for four endangered plants including the Pink Coreopsis, Plymouth Gentian, Water Pennywort and Longs Bulrush.

All four plants are found only in Nova Scotia and only on a small number of lakes.

In total, the Nature trust has protected 485 hectares of habitat for endangered Atlantic Coastal Plain species.


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