One zone being explored for Winnipeg services

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WINNIPEG – Are Winnipeggers zoned out?

A Winnipeg council committee wants to know if the city can establish one zone system for snow clearing, insect management and street cleaning.

Currently the city has a Know Your Zone system that requires residents to know the letter designation for their snow zone. When the city warns their zone is being plowed, drivers face a ticket and tow if they park on the street.

“It’s a very confusing process,” said Janice Lukes, South Winnipeg – St. Norbert Councillor, “know your zone for bugs, know your zone for snow removal, we have this process where we install signs for street sweeping.”

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The insect management branch, on the other hand, warns homeowners of insect-control measures such as malathion fogging for mosquitoes using different areas designated by numbers.

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Meanwhile, the city simply puts up temporary no parking signs ahead of street-cleaning operations.

“Having a different zone or area for residential snow clearing and insect management, or no zone or area for the street cleaning program, often leads to confusion for residents and businesses,” says a report that was presented at Tuesday’s infrastructure and public works committee.

The report suggests the committee ask the public service to look at how other jurisdictions implement zones for such services and explore the possibility of creating consistent Know Your Zone areas for all city services. Staff would report on their findings at the Oct. 6 meeting.

But the head of Public Works, Brad Sacher says it will be a challenge and not the best use of time and resources.

“They don’t naturally follow in the same footprint, how much you can accomplish in a day how the weather impacts it,” said Sacher.

A city-wide zone system would also help the city notify specific areas about activities in emergency situations, the report states.

The report does not propose putting garbage, recycling and yard-waste collection in the same system.

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