Amy Schumer leaves waiter $500 tip, jokes she’s taking it back

Amy Schumer, pictured on June 2, 2015. Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

TORONTO — Amy Schumer joked Tuesday she gave a 1,000 per cent tip to a waiter because she’s bad at math.

“So embarrassing,” the comic tweeted. “I need to go get it back.”

Schumer included the hashtag “#petesclambarimcomingbacktogetbackthattipsorry.”

The New York Post reported Sunday that Schumer gave a waiter at Peter’s Clam Bar in Long Island a $500 tip on her $49 bill after learning he was working two jobs to pay for his college education.

“I waited tables for a long time, so when a waiter is sweet and does a good job I like to leave a really big tip,” Schumer told E! News. “I do it all the time.

I can’t believe it’s a news story but hey everybody should tip a lot. That job is hard.”

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Schumer said she once gave a bartender in Boston a $600 tip on a $100 bill.