WATCH: Julie Chen’s Exclusive Tour Of The Cool New ‘Big Brother’ House


Big Brother returns next week, and for season 17 producers have given the iconic house a major facelift by renovating it into the ultimate summer beach house.

One of the cooler features in the house this year are clear floors, which will allow those downstairs to see who’s scheming with who on the second level — and vice-versa. “The girls should not wear a skirt if you’re standing here,” jokes Big Brother host Julie Chen of the see-through floors. “Just a tip.”

And with even more cameras added throughout the grounds, houseguests are going to find privacy harder to come by than ever before in a season that promises to be all about transparency.

Meanwhile, the house will feature a variety of beach-themed rooms, including the Coral and Driftwood Rooms, the Vegas Under The Sea Room and even the Comic Book Room.

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“Unlike Vegas, what happens in the Big Brother house does not stay here,” notes Julie, “because everybody knows your business.”

The changes in the house this season, she explains, are to keep contestants on their toes, “so that no one can walk in and say, ‘I’ve watched every season. I have mastered how to win this game.’ No you haven’t. No one has. You don’t know who you’re going to be living with. You never know what you’re capable or incapable of. You never know what twists we’re going to throw at you, so I think it’s going to be harder than ever.”

Watch the full interview below.

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