McDonald’s is coming to Coaldale

McDonald’s is coming to Coaldale

The West side of Coaldale has seen a recent surge in construction, and there is more to come. Restaurant giant McDonald’s is the latest business to announce it is setting up shop along highway three. The restaurant is expected to open by mid-September and will employ about 55-people.

“The biggest message that is sends to Coaldale is it is a good place to invest,” says Kim Craig, the mayor of Coaldale. ” When an iconic place like McDonald’s chooses Coaldale it means other businesses will follow.”

The Town of Coaldale says the project was made possible through the co-operation of the Canadian Reformed Church. The town was able to acquire a portion of the northeast corner of the church’s parking lot in order to facilitate the new business footprint of 21 Avenue.

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The town also acquired the remaining 1.7 acres of land nearby. It will be sold to future businesses through a ‘request for proposal’ process.

The cost of realigning 21st Avenue was financed through a combination of commercial land sales, infrastructure cost sharing arrangements and future tax revenue.

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