Award-winning Calgary photographer shares family photo tips

WATCH: Gil Tucker gets some tips from one of Calgary’s best photographers.

CALGARY – Chances are you’ll be snapping a few photos of your family as we head into the next couple of months of summer vacation.

Calgary photographer Jennifer Kapala has some advice on how to capture those magic moments to relive for decades to come.

Kapala recently won the 2014 “Photographer of the Year” award from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, an international photographers association.

She says you should always keep these things in mind when you’re trying to get great family photos:

  • Spontaneous is better than posed: Try to get your subjects doing something fun, then start snapping away when they’re not paying any attention to you.
  • Try to avoid harsh, bright light:  To prevent squinting or shadowy “raccoon eyes,” shoot in softer light, ideally early in the morning or late in the day.
  • Wait until your subjects are relaxed: If they’re interacting with each other, they won’t look stiff and uncomfortable.
  • Use the unique qualities of your location: If your subjects are doing things like looking at flowers or trees, it’ll add to the shot.
  • Take advantage of the great imaginations of young children: If they want to dress up and play pirates or chase fairies, capture those moments.

Take a look at some of Kapala’s photos in the gallery below:

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