Chinese police discover 51 people inside van that fits 6

WATCH ABOVE: CCTV broadcast footage shows 51 people forced out of a van too small to safely fit them.

GUIYANG – Traffic police in southern China found 51 passengers crammed into a minibus designed for six people, state media reported.

The agents stopped the vehicle because it was travelling at a slow pace due to the excessive weight, China’s state television CCTV reported on Wednesday evening.

According to the broadcaster, the passengers were migrant workers on their way to a building site.

Footage shared by the local traffic authorities and broadcasted by CCTV showed an agent opening the door of the van and counting the 51 passengers, two of them minors, the report said.

Some of the seats in the van had been removed to allow for more space, CCTV said.

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The driver received a fine.

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