Bell promises to delete profiles created from tracking cellphone use

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Bell Canada has reportedly told the CRTC it would delete customer profiles created by tracking cellphone use. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

MONTREAL – Canada’s privacy commissioner says Bell Canada has promised to delete all profiles created from tracking the cellphone use of customers in a program aimed for use in targeted advertising.

Bell did not specifically confirm it was ditching the profiles, saying in a statement that it was complying with all the privacy commission’s directives.

Meanwhile, the telecom giant said it would reintroduce the program by seeking explicit customer consent, although it was yet prepared to announce any details.

However, the office of Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien says it now considers the matter resolved.

The federal agency said last week that Bell (TSX:BCE) should seek explicit customer consent if it wants to create profiles through cellphone usage that would be used in targeted advertising.

Until Monday, Bell’s earlier responses had not satisfied the privacy watchdog.