WATCH: Wild bear tranquilized, caught as it falls out of tree

ABOVE: A tranquilized brown bear takes a tumble from a tall tree – right into the waiting arms (or in this case tarp) of wildlife officers

TORONTO – A brown bear roaming the streets of a California town was safely removed from city limits – but not before providing a spectacle for hundreds of local residents.

For several days, residents of Tracy, California had reported several sightings of a large female brown bear roaming the city streets.

However, by the time police arrived the bear was nowhere to be seen.

Finally, wildlife officers managed to catch up with the elusive Ursus after it was spotted in a tree.

Tracy resident Loree Sotelo told CBS Sacramento  that she came out of her house Wednesday afternoon after hearing kids shouting that a bear was up a tree nearby.

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As wildlife officers arrived on the scene, hundreds of residents came out of their homes to take in the impromptu scene.

“When I heard there was a bear in Tracy, I thought people were kidding,” said local resident Janesah Mesones.

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The bear even had its own Twitter hashtag, #TracyBear.

The large brown bear required three tranquilizer darts to subdue it, but eventually, the slumbering bear tumbled from its treetop perch.

Luckily, wildlife officers and local firefighters were waiting to catch it with a tarp.

The “Tracy Bear” will be released either somewhere in Marin County, or the Yosemite area, after being tagged to show it has previously been captured.

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