Haligonians make the best out of a bad winter storm

HALIFAX – Haligonians may not have been pleased to be hit by back-to-back storms this week, but on Wednesday, many residents took the winter storm in stride.

Tina Jennings and Maureen Coulter were full of laughs as they shoveled their way out of their respective houses and jumped over a snowbank to walk on the street. The pair was heading to yoga class.

“It’s either eat chips or do yoga,” Jennings said with a laugh. “This is probably healthier.”

Jennings carried a shovel and her yoga mat with her as the two women walked up Agricola Street towards their yoga studio.

“[I’m going] Just for fun, a little bit of insanity I guess,” Coulter said.
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Farther north in the North End, Paul Colbertaldo strapped on a pair of snowshoes before he hit the road.

“They’re keeping me above the snowline,” he said.

Colbertaldo said he has had snowshoes for several years; he recently took his pair out a couple weeks ago to help him cope with the snow.

“I usually use them for recreation but now I’m using them to go get groceries,” he said.

Using winter gear is something Robyn Kennedy knows a thing or two about. Kennedy broke out her skis to make her way to a friend’s place for the afternoon.

“I started out walking and it was a little difficult,” she said.

Kennedy admits the quiet road conditions were helpful in maneuvering the snowy and wintery conditions.

“I’m being careful,” she said.

The winter storm was perfect for Ashley Innocente. She and a friend were seen climbing Gottingen Street towards Citadel Hill with a GoPro camera.

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“It’s fun to use and I was looking for an excuse to use it. I figure this is a perfect time,” she said.

Innocente said her strategy for the GoPro was to walk around and stay out of the way of snowplows.

“[I want to get] Some extreme shots of how Halifax is being slammed with the snow. It’s crazy so might as well get some good footage,” she said.

Other Haligonians weren’t as enthusiastic as Innocente; Sean Warrington said he is feeling a little defeated by the weather.

“It’s hard. You try to do what you can to get the snow going so you can go on with life and it just snaps back right at you,” he said.

Tarek Clamp spent several hours clearing the sidewalk in front of his Agricola Street house.

“I’m tired of winter. I’m tired of it. I’ve had enough,” he said.

With visibility low and white-out conditions in many parts of the city, some residents struggled to stay optimistic.

“We’re trying to stay positive but it’s a little ridiculous,” said Laura Simpson. “It’s actually hysterical. We look like we’re in the middle of a [movie] set.”

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But one woman was trying to keep a smile on her face; Jill Steven spoke to Global News as she made her way on foot to the Halifax Infirmary, where she works as a nurse.

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