Father, daughter spend night in snow cave on Whistler Mountain before rescue

WATCH: A Port Moody father and daughter are safe, after surviving a night on Whistler Mountain. On Friday, they got lost while skiing, and ended up spending hours in a snow cave waiting for rescuers. Jeremy Hunka has more.

Scott Hinde, a former Global News employee, and 14-year-old daughter Madison were skiing Friday near Boundary Bowl and inadvertently ended up out of bounds.

“Once we were out of bounds, I thought I knew exactly where we were, having been in the area lots before” says Hinde. “I continued going down, convinced again that we were going to find the run that we were specifically looking for. Before I knew it, we saw a lake in front of us and I knew it was Cheakamus Lake and I knew that was not where we were supposed to be.”

They started to hike out of the area and quickly realized nightfall was approaching on one of the shortest days of the year, making a rescue difficult. They called 911 and built a snow cave where they spent the night. Search and rescue crews found them in the morning, ending their 15-hour ordeal.

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“It that was that moment that was terrifying,” said Scott.

WATCH: Scott Hinde and his daughter Madison talk about their harrowing overnight ordeal at Whistler Mountain

A father and daughter were rescued from Whistler Mountain after going down a wrong trail and getting lost.

“There are points where you can’t feel your feet anymore, and you can’t feel parts of your body, where you’re like ‘I’m going to freeze to death out here’,” said Madison.

“All the search and rescue people were great. Seeing them was probably the best feeling ever.”

In an unrelated incident, Whistler Search and Rescue were also called in to save a skier from Quebec in the same area yesterday and a snowboarder today.

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“These elevations are huge, it’s a significant back-country we have here, and you need to respect it,” said Doug MacFalne with Whistler Blackcomb.

Skier Scott Hinde and his daughter built a snow cave on Whistler Mountain as they awaited rescue. Scott Hinde

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