Corner Gas: The Movie premieres in Regina

It’s been ten years since the cast and crew brought Dog River to life on televisions across Canada, and now the original cast has reunited to bring it to the big screen.

Corner Gas: The Movie premieres Tuesday evening at the Soundstage in the Queen City. The mood there is electric as everyone is excited to see this long-anticipated film.

The creators have been working on the script for two years.

“We really get to showcase Saskatchewan,” said Corner Gas Creator, Brent Butt. “I mean aesthetically, Saskatchewan is the best province to make a movie. It’s built to be on a wide screen. So we really take advantage of that.”

The world premiere was Monday in Saskatoon. Creators say it was a strange experience for many of the cast and crew, who traditionally work in television and don’t premiere their work the same way as film crews.

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“We knew that the film was funny, and we knew it was a good film because we received some very strong feedback from peers and people who had seen it,” said Executive Producer, Virginia Thompson. “But what the surprise was last night was the cinema experience. It was the first time we sat with 300 people and watched the film. That was something else. All the laughter, 300 people laughing all the way through the film was an incredible experience.”

Corner Gas is often touted as a creative Saskatchewan success story. It was made when the film tax credit was still in place. Thompson hopes that’s an avenue our government might consider again.

“My hope is projects like Corner Gas might just ignite the conversation again, so something more stable will come to the province in the future.”

Corner Gas: The Movie will open at Cineplex theatres on December 3rd, and air on television later this month.

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