WATCH: Staff describe armed robbery inside jewelry store

WATCH ABOVE: Paul Ng, owner of Imperial Jewelers, describes the terrifying ordeal of being robbed at gunpoint inside his jewelry store. 

CALGARY – Police investigate armed jewelry store robbery. No one was injured, but police say a shot was fired during a jewelry store heist in the northeast on Friday.

It happened just before 7 p.m. in the 3500 block of 32nd Ave. NE at Imperial Jewelers.

Officers said Saturday that a man and a woman – both wearing masks – entered the store carrying long guns.

Paul Ng owns ‘Imperial Jewelers’ and was one of the people inside during the robbery. Ng says it was very scary.

“One guy ran to my back and pulled a gun on me and said, ‘lay down, lay down!’and I totally go down on the floor,” Ng said.

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“He yelled ‘where’s the cash box! Where’s the cash box?”

One of the suspects discharged his gun into a display case and the pair fled the store with an undisclosed amount of jewelry.

“I had my finger on the help (alarm) button but I was scared to press it because I was afraid he would shoot me,” Ng said.

As soon as the suspects left, Ng says he called police from his cellphone because his store phone wasn’t working.

There were no injuries, though staff and customers were inside the store at the time.

Police have not released a description of the suspects, but said Saturday that they fled in a dark, grey pick-up truck.

The store remained closed Saturday.

No one is saying exactly how much the stolen jewelry is worth.