TV crew goes in search of ghosts at Park Town Hotel

Watch above: Piano playing ghost haunts Saskatoon hotel

SASKATOON – At the base of the University Bridge, the Park Town Hotel is a land mark in Saskatoon. Originally established in 1958, it’s believed spirits linger the halls.

Rumours have circulated about a young girl who plays piano and an older man who haunts the swimming pool at the Park Town Hotel but those ghosts may not be alone.

This week a TV series investigating hauntings is there checking for paranormal activity.

“I’ve read numerous reports of six ghosts to nine ghosts to 13 ghosts,” said Intuitive Jeff Richards, who also hosts ‘The Other Side’.

They aren’t the ‘Ghostbusters’ but the team is combing through the hotel to uncover paranormal activity.

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“We’re here because numerous people have had experiences in this room,” said Richards.

“When we go out as a team, we try to really focus on those areas because chances are if other people have had experiences, that’s the prime location for us to either capture evidence and have me to be able to facilitate some sort of communication,”

The team of four attempts to expose the eerie activity for its television series “The Other Side.”

“We will play a little bit of that piano just to stir up a bit of reaction,” said Richards.

“There was a lot of communication last night, it was hard to tell if it was spirits connected to the Park Town or if was to one of our team members,” said Prascilla Wolf, host and researcher for ‘The Other Side.’

Once a nightclub, now an event hall, the Cedar Room is said to be a hot bed of spiritual activity.

“Where we are right now, you know you have weddings, you have celebrations and maybe even memorials and maybe people past in the area too, so something like this is pretty normal for an investigation,” said Wolf.

“As an intuitive, I go into a space and I try to dial into energy’s of that space so that I can communicate with whatever presence might be there,” said Richards.

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The crew will wrap up their investigation and shooting on Halloween. Even though the TV crew has been doing this for years, they still get goose bumps.

“There’s like a group of us, so I usually feel safe but I mean being scared of the dark just in general, it’s really scary,” said Wolf.

“I think that fear is something that you have to have because fear keeps you safe,” said Richards.

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