WATCH: Gastown’s steam clock removed for repairs

Gastown steam clock is getting some much-needed repairs.
Gastown steam clock is getting some much-needed repairs. The Canadian Press Images/Don Denton

One of Vancouver’s most famous landmarks is going on a short hiatus.

The iconic Gastown steam clock will be undergoing repairs until early December and should be back to please the masses of tourists just in time for Christmas.

The city says the mechanical moving parts of the device used for loading the metal balls of the clock have worn over the last 37 years and can no longer be reliably maintained. The clock was built in 1976 and became a permanent fixture of Vancouver’s Gastown throughout the years.

The clock was temporarily removed from its usual location at the street corner at Cambie Street and Water Street this morning as dozens of onlookers stopped to watch and take pictures.

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The clock was then taken into the fabrication shop at Manitoba Yards to complete the repairs.

WATCH: Steam clock being removed and taken to a repair shop