Then and now: 40 years of Global Edmonton

Gord Steinke then and now. Global News

EDMONTON — Wonder how much Global Edmonton has changed since our ITV days? Click through the photos below to see what’s different at our station and what’s stayed the same since we launched 40 years ago.

We start ’em young at ITV/Global Edmonton.

We got Gavin Stickle hooked with the betacam. Geoff Stickle
20-some years later... Trish Kozicka, Global News

And they stick around.

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ENG photographer Dean Twardzik, station manager Tim Spelliscy, and 6 o'clock producer Darcy Craig at ITV's 25th anniversary. Renee Mousseau, Global News
Fast forward 15 years later... Trish Kozicka, Global News

Can you spot which two photographers are in both photos?

These guys must have been so cool in the 90s. Geoff Stickle, Global News
Things got a little smaller in the 2000s. Not the coolness factor, though. That stayed the same. Trish Kozicka, Global News

Our live truck has shrunk over the years…just a little bit.

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It was hard to miss this bad boy on the road. Global News
This baby gets the job done. In HD. Global News

The building may have changed over the past 30-plus years, but of one of our employee’s cars hasn’t.

Gotta love the 70s rides. They made them sturdier back then!. Global News
Can you tell which one has stood the test of time? . Trish Kozicka, Global News
Brian Lemisko shows off his wheels. His car is only two years younger than ITV/Global Edmonton. Trish Kozicka, Global News

Let’s take a look at some of the technology inside the building.

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Camera operators in the studio... Global News
...have been replaced by robotic cameras. Trish Kozicka, Global News
We still have floor directors in the studio, though, as well as prompter operators. Trish Kozicka, Global News


To say things have gotten a little more technologically advanced in the control room, would be a bit of an understatement. Global News
This is what one of our control rooms looks like now at Global Edmonton. Global News

Meanwhile, upstairs in the newsroom…

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The heart of any newsroom: the assignment desk. This is where the assignment editors listen to scanners, assign cameras, and take your calls. Global News
The current Global Edmonton assignment desk. Trish Kozicka, Global News

But as much as some things change, you can count on some to stay the same.

Kevin Karius. Trish Kozicka, Global News

Thanks for being with us over the years!

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