Letters from Luka Magnotta: accused killer thanks “fans” for numerous gifts sent to prison

MONTREAL – Since his arrest two years ago, Luka Magnotta has been locked up at the Riviere-des-Prairies Detention Centre in east-end Montreal.

In that time, Magnotta has kept himself busy reading fan mail.

According to reports, he’s received hundreds of letters.

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We’re finding out the accused murderer has replied to a few of his supporters.

Portions of letters he wrote to a female follower were recently obtained by Global News.

In one letter he describes the support he’s received: “I have beautiful photos hanging on my wall with encouraging cards from people around the world.”

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In another passage the now 32-year-old thanks letter writers  for their “gifts.”

He allegedly receives money orders which are used to purchase “junk food and beauty supplies” from the prison’s canteen.

In a second letter, he writes that one of his fans has offered to buy him designer clothing – including an Armani suit.

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He’s also been reportedly offered laser hair removal services.

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“My guess is they have a certain emptiness in their lives,” says clinical psychologist Steven Schachter to explain why people are writing to Magnotta.

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“It gives them a rush, it gives them a sense of being close to the edge, that they may not get in other places of their lives.”

A special fan website has even been created.

It offers tips on how to correctly contact the accused murderer behind bars.

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“It serves as a certain degree to the advantage of prison authorities,” says legal analyst Steven Slimovitch.

“It keeps the prison population calm. It lets them communicate. It allows them to have an out for their emotions.”

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Jury selection in the trial is slated to begin September 8th.

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Crown prosecutors are expected to present their first witness September 15th.

Luka Magnotta is facing five criminal charges in connection with the murder of Concordia student Lin Jun in May 2012.

Luka Rocco Magnotta is shown in an artist's sketch in a Montreal court on Wednesday, March 13, 2013.
Luka Rocco Magnotta is shown in an artist's sketch in a Montreal court on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mike McLaughlin