WATCH: Charlotte Le Bon on wine time with Oprah

ABOVE: Watch Charlotte Le Bon on Global’s The Morning Show.

TORONTO — For Charlotte Le Bon, one of the perks of starring in The Hundred-Foot Journey was getting to meet Oprah Winfrey, one of the film’s producers.

“She’s really nice,” Le Bon said during an appearance on Global’s The Morning Show.

Winfrey, she recalled, spent three days on set in France.

“She was just doing her thing and watching and being very warm and nice to people.”

But Winfrey also made a point of having some face time with Le Bon.

“I had a chance to share a glass of wine with her, actually, in the hotel,” she said. “Yes, I had a glass of wine with Oprah.”

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Le Bon, 27, recalled some awkward moments with the iconic star.

“She was asking me a lot of questions about myself and I was answering but at some point I was like, I hope I’m not boring her, because I was just doing a monologue about myself,” said Le Bon. “At some point I just asked: ‘What about you, Oprah? How did you start?’ And she said, ‘No, I’m not talking about me.'”

Le Bon was born in Montreal and moved to France to pursue a modelling career but ended up starring on television — including a daily live show where she did sketch comedy.

“I was exhausted and I couldn’t do it anymore,” she said of her decision to get out after a year and start going after movie roles.

(Le Bon just wrapped work on The Walk opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which brought her back to her hometown.)

Upon learning she landed the part in The Hundred-Foot Journey, which opens Aug. 8 and stars Helen Mirren, Le Bon said she screamed and her nose bled.

To play the sous-chef Marguerite, Le Bon had to learn how to portray a convincing chef.

“They’re always moving and they’re always giving orders and screaming at people for no reason,” she said. “They’re control freaks, actually.”

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