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Family of triplets battling eye cancer ‘overwhelmed’ by public support


WATCH ABOVE: Identical triplets receive chemo in fight against rare eye cancer. Crystal Goomansingh reports. 

The Alberta parents of triplet boys battling a rare eye cancer were looking for affordable housing in Toronto as their kids underwent cancer treatments. With a single blog post, the family ended up with an outpouring of support and offers days later.

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“We are honestly overwhelmed by the response we have received. When we put out our plea for help, we never dreamed we’d get this kind of response,” the Low family wrote on their blog, Lows Lowdown.

“It has shown us, once again, that the world is full of really good people,” they wrote on Saturday.

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Last week, the family appealed on their blog for affordable housing options in Toronto.  Thomas, Mason and Luke – the brave trio of identical triplets – are at SickKids regularly for cancer treatments and monitoring.

Within 24 hours, the family had over 80,000 visitors to their blog along with another 300 emails with suggestions. Some readers have offered their homes outside of Toronto, some are suggesting the family could move into their homes while they temporarily relocate to the basement.

Other readers have even asked about donating money to the family’s fundraising campaign.

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“We’ve been in awe. We’ve had tears streaming down our cheeks as our breath catches and we try to verbally read the emails aloud to one another,” the blog, led by parents Richard and Leslie, reads.

So far, the Lows haven’t secured a home, but they’re sorting through the hundreds of emails that are pouring in.

Click here to donate to the triplets.

The identical triplets, now seven months old, have a rare eye cancer. They’ve had their eyes examined, treated with lasers and chemotherapy.

Thomas had to have his right eye removed: The tumour was growing and causing the retina to detach. It could have even spread to his brain.

Mason’s left eye has a large tumour blocking his central vision – he won’t be able to recover that vision but his parents are hopeful they won’t have to remove it.

Luke has had several tumours, smaller in size, that doctors are now treating.

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Between their six eyes, five have tumours. They’ll need treatment and follow-up care for the rest of their lives.

But their parents have become very, very good at looking on the bright side, especially with the help of the public.

“The emails and kind comments have buoyed our spirits so much. It has given me great hope that we can beat this ugly cancer,” the blog post says.

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