Kim Cattrall admits she doesn’t watch ‘Sex and the City’

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TORONTO — It’s been a decade since the TV series Sex and the City ended its run — and the woman who played Samantha Jones has put the landmark series behind her.

“I don’t watch it,” Kim Cattrall said Thursday during an appearance on Global’s The Morning Show. “I lived it.”

The 57-year-old actress, who reprised her Golden Globe-winning role for Sex and the City movies in 2008 and 2010, said she has moved on.

“Sometimes when I see it on I’ll watch a scene or two,” Cattrall admitted, “but I look at it in a real kind of charmed light of ‘that was then and this is now.'”

Cattrall’s “now” is Sensitive Skin, a new made-in-Canada series that debuts July 20 on HBO Canada. A remake of the acclaimed British series of the same name that ran from 2005 to 2007, it’s the story of an affluent married couple (Don McKellar plays Cattrall’s husband) who moves into a Toronto condo to begin the next phase of their lives.

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“If I wasn’t doing something like Sensitive Skin, which is so exciting to me, I would be clinging on to Sex and the City more,” Cattrall said. “But I find that that was just a way for me to get to doing more and more things that are really stories about women. That’s what I’m interested in.”

Don McKellar and Kim Cattrall of ‘Sensitive Skin.’. Handout

The UK-born actress, who grew up in Canada, opined that television is the best it’s ever been in terms of roles for females — but she would like to see more varied storytelling.

“I find that there’s still a tremendous amount of violence towards women on television, which I don’t like to watch,” Cattrall said. “Those shows can be incredibly popular but I want to send out another message. I want to send out a message not just about women of a certain age but women in general.

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“That’s why my real passion is telling these stories and not really saying ‘yes’ to Hollywood right now. I’m saying ‘yes’ to other choices.”

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Cattrall said she jumped at the chance to do something new with Sensitive Skin.

“I was really looking to return to television with something equally as challenging and risky [as Sex and the City],” she said. Plus, it offered her a chance to play “a totally different character.”
Kim Cattrall, far right, with her ‘Sex and the City’ co-stars. Handout

Where does Cattrall picture Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda today?

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“It would be pretty much status quo,” she suggested. “Most of them are married, except my character, and I never thought she would be married. Or should be married.

“They would just still be hanging out.”

Comfortable in her Sensitive Skin, Cattrall doesn’t have any real need to speculate on the fictional lives of the women of Sex and the City.

“The stories that we told were really of that time,” she said, “and I think that now we’ve kind of moved on.”

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