Funnel cloud spotted northwest of Calgary

CALGARY- A storm system northwest of Calgary led to some scary moments on Friday afternoon, even producing a tornado.

Around 5 p.m., a funnel cloud was spotted north of Cochrane near Madden. A number of Global News viewers sent in photos of the storm.

“Several intense thunderstorm cells are rolling off the foothills moving east,” said Global News weather specialist Paul Dunphy. “The cells are producing heavy rain and intense lightning, and there are several reports of funnel clouds.”

He suggested people in the area take shelter indoors until the storms pass.

In a statement, Environment Canada confirmed that a tornado touched down 16 kilometres south of Cremona.

“At approximately 4:45 PM MDT on Friday June 27 a very brief tornado was observed 16 km south of Cremona. Multiple reports and photos were received. A dust cloud was seen at the base of the funnel, however, there were no reports of damage. The thunderstorm has since dissipated and no other tornadoes are expected.”

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A funnel cloud near Cochrane. Courtesy of Kevin Sieben.
A funnel cloud near Cochrane. Courtesy of Janet Irwin
A funnel cloud near Cochrane. Courtesy of Shawn Hammer.

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