June 14, 2014 12:41 am
Updated: June 14, 2014 12:43 am

Is jaywalking in Regina legal?

Jaywalking can carry a $50 fine when it impedes traffic, unlike the scene in this photo.

Kael Donnelly / Global News

REGINA – Jaywalking may carry a societal stigma, but it’s a legal grey area in Regina.

“If you start obstructing the traffic by moving in front of it, and it’s starting to slow it down or it’s causing the traffic to have to move erratically [that’s] against the law,” said Adam Homes, director of Roadways and Transportation Services at the City of Regina.

Getting caught for that carries a $50 fine. Otherwise, Reginans can jaywalk sans issue.

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There are no plans to change the law, or create one to include all jaywalking as other cities have. But, the city is keeping an open mind.

“In terms of all traffic safety, we’re always looking at our bylaw and updating it. We do a lot of that work in consultation with the Regina Police Service, and also SGI,” said Homes.

Regardless of legality, police caution against the deed.

“You’re gambling with your life,” said Sgt. Ian Barr, who works in the Traffic Safety Unit.

Barr has seen first-hand the serious, even fatal injuries that result from jaywalking.

“If everybody obeyed all of those rules and did all of those things, we’d have a lot less tragedy on our roads and injuries that don’t make the news, but we see them a lot,” said Barr.

Disobeying the pedestrian light at an intersection is not allowed, he added.

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