BLOG: Morning News Rewind – June 3

Melissa learns more about ride your bike to work day, taking place on June 4. Eric Beck / Global News

On Tuesday’s Morning News, Jessica finds out if fat supplements work and is amazed by woodcarvers, Kevin is blown away by magician Sheldon Casavant and outdoor advertising while Melissa gets ready for ride your bike to work day.

Do fat burning supplements work?

I always learn so much talking to Brook. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been tempted by fat-burning supplements in the past, but have always been to scared to try them.

What’s in them? What kind of effects will that have on my body, now or in the future?

Many questions like these still go unanswered. If you too, have been interested, tempted, or even curious about supplement, watch this interview with Brooke, it may give you a new perspective.

Magic at the Children’s Festival

The record must show that the first draft of this particular blog entry was unintelligible and completely done in Caps lock. I was that blown away.

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“I don’t trust Sheldon Casavant – that’s the sign of a great magician.” I said this on Twitter not an hour after our meeting, and that’s the truth.

I’m a keen eye to the trappings of magician-types. I like solving the riddles they pose by doing what it is they do.

Sheldon, though… Sheldon got me. Well-played, magic man.

Please go see him and consider buying his book!  As he says in the interview, it’s partly an autobiographical look at how he got to where he is.

Ride your bike to work day

With the weather the way has been for the last few days riding your bike to work doesn’t seem like a bad idea. To promote this alternative form of transportation the second annual Ride Your Bike to Work day will be taking place Wednesday.

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It is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, not to mention healthy option to get to work. You can expect to see 10 commuter stations across the city between 7 and 9 a.m. serving an on-the-go breakfast.

And the best part about biking to work … not having to drive around looking for parking!

If you do plan to take part be sure to take all the safety precautions necessary to ensure a pleasant ride.

Woodcarvers display skills at the Galleria Building

It’s amazing how talented people are.

We had the Woodworkers Guild of Saskatchewan on this morning talking about WOOD ’14, and these two know their craft.

From carving, to shaving, they each use a different technique and can produce incredible pieces.

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The power of outdoor advertising

There’s always one that sticks out in your mind. Or my mind, as we’re speaking of now – the Old Spice commercials that starred Terry Crews did it for me.

Having a 6-and-a-half-foot tall man scream at me to buy deodorant in the most outrageous scenarios ever won me over. Is it so different in print, or on billboards? Heck no!

We often barely pay attention to such things now. I know I don’t, unless there’s something bizarre about it; billboards breaking out of their own boundaries are most amusing to me.

Thanks to Ryan for summing it up!

Jessica and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News

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