Family dog protects missing child until found

Watch: A seven-hour search for a missing toddler had a happy ending thanks to the family dog.

TORONTO – Every dog has its day — and for Cooper, it was Monday, when the family dog was found protecting a North Dakota toddler who was reported missing for nearly seven hours.

Carson Urness, 3, was reported missing from the family farm around 7:30 p.m.

Close to 200 people aided in the search for the Cooperstown boy.

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“ATVs, horses, and more footwalkers showed up,” Sheriff Robert Hook told CBS News. “Even the neighbours, business owners and bankers. They just came out and thought they needed to help.”

Police dispatched a small aircraft and a search dog to assist in the search of nearly 2,000 acres of farm land, according to the TV station.

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“As the night went on, there got to be a little more moisture in the air and at about 2:00 a.m. the rain was coming down and we were at the point to send the footwalkers home,” Hook told CBS. “There was nothing more for them to do.”

Just as the search was called off, a volunteer spotted the dog and missing boy.

“The child was laying underneath the dog, he thought he was probably sleeping,” Hook told the news station.

Carson was sent to local hospital as a precaution.

According to CBS, a doctor told the family the boy was in good health and only had cold feet, thanks to the dog who kept him warm.

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