‘Rolling Stone’ lauds Arcade Fire, A Tribe Called Red as best of fest

Arcade Fire. Handout

TORONTO — Canadian music acts Arcade Fire and A Tribe Called Red have been singled out by Rolling Stone as among the “best things” at this year’s New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In an online feature titled “20 Best Things We Saw at New Orleans Jazz Fest 2014,” the magazine said Montreal’s Arcade Fire was the “Best Out-of-Towner Tribute to New Orleans.”

“After entering to the traditional Mardi Gras Indian funk jam ‘Iko Iko,’ Win Butler introduced ‘The Suburbs’ by claiming that New Orleans ‘is one of the last places in America that’s its own place but for the rest of us there’s this song’ and closed his band’s set by bringing out the Pinettes Brass Band for a second-line through the crowd,” said Rolling Stone.

Ottawa-based A Tribe Called Red was recognized as “Best Sign That Jazz Fest May Be Willing to Book a Festival Like It’s 2014, Finally.”

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The magazine noted: “Jazzfest’s closest thing to an EDM act, the Polaris Prize-nominated trio A Tribe Called Red mixed classic and new rap hits, dubstep drops, dancehall riddims, native tribal drum sounds, a sample from Inglourious Basterds (‘I want my scalps!’), an excerpt from Louis C.K.’s Live at the Beacon Theater, turntable scratching and more. It was fun, bracing and – most importantly for Jazz Fest – a modern reclamation of traditional music. More of this, please.”

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival ran from April 25 to May 4.

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