Stranger hacks baby monitor, screams ‘wake up baby’ at sleeping child

WATCH: Heather and Adam Schreck were shocked that their baby’s monitor was hacked by a stranger who yelled at their sleeping child

TORONTO –  The parents of a 10-month-old girl said they were horrified after their wireless camera baby monitor was hacked, and the couple heard a complete stranger yelling at their sleeping baby.

Ohio mom Heather Schreck said she was asleep when she was woken up by the sound of a man’s voice, according to Fox19. She grabbed her phone to check the Foscam camera installed in her child’s room, saw the camera moving and heard a voice scream, “Wake up baby! Wake up baby!”

The baby’s father, Adam, said that when he ran to his daughter’s side, he was startled to find the camera then pointed directly at him.

“Then it screamed at me,” he said. “Some bad things, some obscenities. So I unplugged the camera.”

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The couple said they realized they were “hacked from the outside” and that they will now take extra security measures to protect their monitor from hackers.

Experts say that wireless cameras like the one in the Schreck home are vulnerable to hackers and recommend having camera passwords while ensuring the equipment’s software is up to date.


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