Downtown Calgary cycle track approved by city council

CALGARY- Plans for a multi-million dollar downtown cycle track have been approved by city council.

On Monday afternoon, council passed the third option by an 8 to 7 vote, meaning the network has been given the green light, minus the 1 Street S.E. section.

“Without 1st Street southeast, cyclists will choose either 5th Street southwest if they want to bike in a cycle track, or choose another on-street route,” explains Blanka Braqcic, a transportation engineer with the City of Calgary. “Or they might consider if they’re north of the train tracks 7th Street southwest, the cycle track we opened in summer 2013.”

The one year pilot project will cost $9.38 million, and is scheduled to open by the summer of 2015.

Council will then re-evaluate the track in the fall of 2016.

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While many in Calgary’s cycling community supported the idea, others voiced concern it will lead to more congestion on the roads and take up parking spaces.

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