BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 7

Camelina oil has many uses in cooking as explained to Jessica by Elysia Vandenhurk. File / Global News

The benefits of camelina oil, international day of pink, volunteer appreciation, spring fashion and emergency kits were featured on Monday’s Morning News.

What’s in fashion this spring? Nicole from Midtown Plaza lets Jessica know

The models we had in studio this morning looked like spring, that’s the only way I can describe it!

Loved the looks Nicole from Midtown Plaza brought in, I could wear any of the outfits, including Braiden’s (female version of course).

Midtown’s spring line just launched today, be sure to check it out, if you need some new spring clothing… and who doesn’t?

The Red Cross and Scott McHenry tackle bullying with Kevin

Bullying prevention is a tough subject to tackle. As a species organized by societal hierarchies, we are prone, even at a young age, to organizing ourselves. It’s human nature.

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However, people with this supposed power (and in younger social circles, ‘supposed’ is the operative word) can abuse it. That’s not to say they will, but as a young man who was essentially the Hermione Granger of his grade-school classes, rest assured, I can speak to being on the unpleasant end of this spectrum. Prevention is key.

I’m glad the Red Cross is able to involve outstanding members of society as role models for these kids, like Scott McHenry of the Riders.

That makes a difference.

Tom gives Melissa tips on what to have in a typical emergency kit

I was living in northern Alberta a couple of years back. One spring in the surrounding area wild fires broke out so much so that evacuations took place. I remember putting together an emergency bag just in case my part of town also needed to evacuate.

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Thinking back to that time, I wasn’t sure what was important to take along with me. With the warmer weather approaching now is the time to consider what emergency situation may come along with it.

It was interesting to learn all the handy tips Tom had. Experts say you should have the items necessary to survive at least 72 hours without exterior help.

Something that I didn’t even consider when preparing for disaster is what you may need to keep mentality strong. Without distractions or entertainment 72 hours may feel a lot longer.

If there’s anything I took out of my live on location today is that it’s better to be safe then sorry.

Kevin learns how volunteers are making a difference in our community

Volunteerism is one of those things that I wonder about. I wonder about it because we all know at least a thousand people, even by association, and I wonder how many of those people volunteer on a regular basis. And I think to myself, “It’s probably not that many.”

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But every time I go to an event, and doing what I do for a living, I go to my pretty fair share of events in and around Saskatoon, I am introduced to a dozen or more volunteers. It’s a weird perspective, and I hope I’m not alone in having it.

I feel as though I don’t know all that many people that volunteer, but the supply of volunteers never seems to dry up. Give ‘em a pat on the back. Time is money, and they happily give up both to make our community that little bit brighter.

Camelina oil has many uses in cooking as explained to Jessica by Elysia Vandenhurk

I cannot wait to try my camelina oil for cooking. The health benefits sound really great on it, plus Three Farmers won a North Saskatoon Business Association award.

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I tried a quinoa salad with nothing but flavoured oil on it, and that’s all it needed.

Check out the video to learn more about it, my reaction to the oil was real.

Jessica and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News

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