Racial profiling report a ‘wake-up’ call to Quebec

Racial profiling report a ‘wake-up’ call to Quebec - image

The Quebec Human Rights Commission issued a wake-up call to the province Wednesday– issuing 92 recommendations to combat racial profiling.

"Racial profiling exists. It is real," said Gaetan Cousineau, head of Quebec’s Human Rights Commission. “The situation must change. It is not a choice, but rather an obligation.”

In September 2009, the Commission launched a consultation on racial profiling and its consequences.

They asked Quebecers from racialized minorities, aged 14-25 years old, to share their personal experiences of racial profiling.

In its final report, released Wednesday, the Commission told the province to take action.

Included in the 92 recommendations were the following:

-racial profiling must be prohibited in police departments and government agencies

-efforts should be taken to hire more visible minorities in the public school system

-anti-racism training should be made available for public sector employees

"Quebec cannot allow some of its citizens to lose trust in their institutions and to feel like foreigners in their own society. Social peace depends on it,” Cousineau said.

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