Montreal mother faces separation from baby if deported to Mexico

MONTREAL – Ivonne Hernandez may soon be deported and may never see her one-year-old son again.

“I just want the opportunity to stay close to my baby,” Hernandez told Global News on Monday.

Last month, a Quebec judge awarded sole custody of the toddler to her ex-husband.

The main reason behind the decision appeared to be the fact that Hernandez has no status in Canada.

Hernandez has scheduled visits with her son, but those could end permanently on Friday.

Canadian immigration officials have ordered her deportation to Mexico, which means she may never see her son again.

“It’s my baby, it’s my blood,” Hernandez said, choking back tears.

“It’s everything in my life. Why do I need to lose my baby?”

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At a news conference Monday, supporters of the 41-year-old Montreal mother called the deportation order cruel on many levels.

It’s believed that the ex-husband notified immigration officials after Hernandez had the courage to speak out about being abused at home.

“The message you will send to all women or victims of domestic violence, you better stay with a violent guy, cause if you leave this is what could happen to you,” immigration lawyer Stewart Istvanffy said.

In July 2009, Hernandez came to Canada to flee a previous abusive relationship in Mexico.

Alexa Conradi, the president of the Quebec Women’s Federation, describes the mother’s situation as a nightmare.

“It’s heartless, completely heartless,” Conradi said.

“The government has to take into consideration the reality of what’s going on.”

However, Federal Public safety Minister Steven Blaney refused to comment on the case.

On Tuesday morning, lawyers for Ivonne Hernandez will present a stay of proceedings motion at Federal Court in Old Montreal.