Calgary woman wins $8.1 million lottery jackpot

Kim Kelly won $8.1 million.
Kim Kelly won $8.1 million.

CALGARY- Calgarians seem to have quite the lucky streak, with yet another resident hitting the jackpot.

Fresh off the heels of Tom Crist’s $40 million win, a Calgary woman has become $8.1 million richer.

Kim Kelly used a self-checker to find out if she’d won anything during Lotto 6/49’s December 28 draw. That’s when she saw some numbers pop up on the display.

“I checked it, and I thought there was an error,” she laughed. “That’s what I thought, you have no idea!”

Thinking she’d won about $8,000, she went to an appointment and called her son to tell him about her win. That’s when they realized she’d won much, much more.

“I was shaking so badly.”

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It turns out she had the winning numbers for the $16.3 million prize. However, someone in Winnipeg had the same numbers, so they split the winnings.

Kelly plans to book a trip to go somewhere warm, and will give away some of her money.

“Being able to help my family is a dream come true,” she said.

Kelly purchased her ticket at a Mac’s Convenience Store on 40 Ave. and 50 St. S.W.