UNBOUND 2024- New Narratives

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Fanshawe College Forwell Hall - 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, London, Ontario View Map
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The UNBOUND Immersive Fashion event reveals the exquisite collections designed by Fanshawe College’s third-year fashion design students. Unbound exemplifies a synergistic collaboration, intertwining the community’s support with the participation of several college programs. This immersive show features stunning runway displays, music, a catered reception, champagne carpet photos, and a chance to meet emerging designers. Attended by friends, family, locals, and industry pros, it’s a showcase of creativity and talent.

New Narratives represents a departure from conventional societal constraints, encouraging self-expression and critical thinking. It’s a platform, where designers chart their unique paths, amplifying diverse voices and envisioning a more fair and sustainable future. Embracing marginalized perspectives, fostering inclusivity, and prompting a re-evaluation of history offers a chance to make mindful choices. In a synergetic dance between the creator and the machine, we reshape fashion into a force for positive change.

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