June 4, 2014 1:57 pm
Updated: May 26, 2015 1:26 pm

Colwood man guilty of animal cruelty following ‘horrific’ dog abuse

Bryn recovering in a foster home.


VANCOUVER – A Colwood man has now been found guilty on two counts of animal cruelty for causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and failing to provide necessaries for the animal.

The BC SPCA called this case a “horrific” example of dog abuse.

Joseph White is accused of beating the family dog, Bryn, a female pit bull mix, so badly that her ability to walk was affected.

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“When she came into our care Bryn had extensive injuries to her head, torso, legs and teeth. Her skin was split open on the top of her head and she had bruising around the right side of that injury, as well as a swelling and broken front leg, lacerations under her left armpit and abrasions on her front right leg,” says BC SPCA Constable Erika Paul in 2014. “Bryn also had significant bruising to the right side of her torso, a broken canine tooth and was experiencing neurological deficits that impacted her back legs, making it hard for her to stand or move around.”

White did not seek medical care for Bryn until the BC SPCA became aware of what happened to the dog the following day. Bryn was rushed in for emergency treatment and a formal investigation was launched into what happened.

After months of recovery, Bryn regained her ability to walk and was eventually adopted by her foster family, who fell in love with her.

The BC SPCA is pleased with the charges.

“This is great news! The judge found there ‘was no justifiable reason’ for his actions, which were horrific, and left poor Bryn unable to walk, eat or drink after he attacked her,” said Paul.

White was released on bail pending his sentencing, with several conditions, including that he must not own an animal of any kind or reside anywhere animals are present. He also must not contact Sandee Johnston, the co-accused, who pleaded guilty to a lesser charge earlier this year.

White’s next appearance is scheduled for May 28 at the Western Communities Courthouse in Victoria, to fix a date for his sentencing.

Bryn recovering in a foster home. Credit: BC SPCA

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