May 14, 2014 1:37 pm

Calgary Humane Society says seized dogs in desperate need of care

The Calgary Humane Society says a total of 33 dogs were recovered from a home in southeast Calgary on Tuesday afternoon and are now being cared for at its facility in the city’s southeast.

All of the animals have received vaccinations and health checks but still have to undergo an extensive medical examination by veterinarians.

“The dogs which were seized are in poor medical condition,” says CHS veterinarian Tammy Mazubert. “Neglect is very clear in this situation. We will continue to provide the care these animals so desperately need.”

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The dogs were discovered living in deplorable conditions in a home on Addison Drive S.E. after a concerned neighbor called police.

“We looked in the window and the dogs were all in distress,” says Joanne Leussink, who lives two doors away and was the first person to enter the home.  “There was no water, no food; the whole place is just ripped apart.”

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Officers found many of the dogs in crates stacked to the ceiling and covered in urine and feces. Vents in the home were clogged with animal hair and the furniture had been torn up.

An emergency responder wearing a hazmat suit removes one of 33 dogs seized from a home in Acadia in southeast Calgary.

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The dogs vary in size and breed. It’s believed they belong to well-know Calgary dog breeder Bev Creed.

Neighbours still can’t believe they didn’t realize sooner what was going on in the home.

“This is really sad that a neighbor and a person you know,  and that’;s how she looks after her animals,” Leussink told Global News. “That’s terrible, just awful.”

The home has been deemed unfit for human habitation.

An investigation is continuing and charges could be pending under the Animal Protection Act.

The owner could face up to $20,000 in fines, as well as a lifetime ban on owning animals.

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