May 14, 2014 12:17 am

Edmonton’s 2014 Fringe Festival is going to be groovy

Local artist Gerry Rasmussen created the official artwork for Edmonton's 2014 International Fringe Theatre Festival.

Fringe Theatre

EDMONTON – Get ready to channel the 70s this August, as the 33rd annual Edmonton International Fringe Festival takes you on a trip.

This year’s theme is “Fringed and Confused,” which the program director says is “a bit of a ‘Throw Back Thursday’ inspiration.”

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“I have spent a lot of time learning the grassroots history of the festival — how themes came to be, and what is different now from then…I thought, ‘what better time to do a throw back to that grassroots spirit,’ which really started in the 70s,” said Murray Utas.

“The 70s to me were about innocence, sunshine, happiness, community and gathering — just like the Fringe.”

There will be 1,600 live theatre performances to choose from at 50 plus venues at 11-day summer festival.

“We do not jury or censor the artists’ work, and all performances were selected already in November via lottery,” said Fringe Theatre’s Executive Director, Jill Roszell. “We literally pull the acts out of a hat.”

The festival will run from August 14 to 24 this year.

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