May 12, 2014 6:37 pm

Officials look to raise fines for speeding on residential streets

CALGARY- Those who are upset about drivers speeding through their neighbourhoods could get some help slowing down those lead-footed drivers.

Mayor Nenshi along with some city councillors want the province to change the rules of the road, hiking fines for speeding on residential streets.

“Going 15 kilometres an hour over limit on a highway is way different than going 15 kilometres an hour over limit in a playground zone, in terms of the damage you can cause,” Nenshi explains.

Councillors add it is not a cash grab.

“If we raise awareness, whatever mechanisms we use to raise awareness will be beneficial to everyone,” says Ward 10 councillor Andre Chabot.

The Calgary Police Service says 62 per cent of speeding tickets it wrote in 2013 were in 50 km/h or less zones. Speed is also a factor in most collisions.

“If you’re going over the speed limit, obviously the faster you go, every kilometre lessens your time to react to do something about that situation,” says Insp. Ken Thrower from the Calgary Police Service.

Alberta’s justice minister says he’s open to looking at increasing fines.


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