May 9, 2014 7:53 pm

Arresting officers testify in Hales’ first-degree murder trial

Watch the video above: Week one of Douglas Hales murder trial winds down

SASKATOON – Week one of the Douglas Hales’ first-degree murder trial has come to a close. He stands accused of killing Daleen Bosse, a married mother of one who went missing in May of 2004 and is being tried by judge alone.

On Friday, court would hear from both officers involved in Hales’ arrest, testifying he was cooperative with police for hours afterward while in custody.

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First on the stand, Constable Goodwin with the Saskatoon Police Service who was assigned to make the arrest on August 10, 2008. Arrested at the Home Depot in the 700-block of Circle Drive, Goodwin says when they approached Hales, he didn’t react and was emotionless.

Following his arrest, Hales asked to speak to legal aid and sought legal advice before cooperating to have his finger prints taken by police.

Goodwin testified that audio was recorded during Hales’ arrest and the entire time he was in their custody for four and a half hours. The audio recording captured by the second arresting officer, Constable Hein, was played in court.

During the recording, court would hear Hales being booked at the detention facility saying he hadn’t been drinking or using any substances that day.

During cross-examination earlier this week, it was revealed that Hales was an alcoholic.

The recording would also capture officers telling Hales that any phone calls to anyone other than a lawyer would be recorded with an officer present. He was checked every 15 minutes to see if he needed anything but Goodwin says for the most part the hours with Hales were spent staring at each other.

Court would also hear from Jacqueline Clark, a waitress who was working at Jax the night Bosse disappeared.

Clark testified to seeing Bosse dancing alone, intoxicated but having fun. She testified to seeing Hales talking to Bosse that night and the next time she saw him three days later he had darkened his hair colour and wasn’t wearing glasses. She also recognized Bosse on the missing persons poster as the woman she had observed a few nights prior.

In August 2008, the remains of Bosse were found in a wooded area north of Saskatoon.

The Hales trial is scheduled to run another three weeks. He has pleaded not guilty to both the first-degree murder charge and offering an indignity to human remains.

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