May 9, 2014 4:37 pm

Mother of teen who hosted infamous ‘mansion party’ speaks with Global News

The mother of a Brampton high school student was in church and unaware that her home was being swarmed with a thousand teenagers last weekend for a massive party. When she heard the news she fainted.

“I collapsed actually. I dropped on the floor; my legs could not hold me,” Julie, who didn’t want to give us her last name, told Global News.

The congregation picked her up and took her to a prayer room where they began praying for her. They had no idea why she fainted. Julie credits divine intervention for keeping the teenagers, who were dangerously crammed into her home, safe; although it may have more to do with the actions of her son, Canice Ejoh.

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“A lot of people were breaking stuff and I was running everywhere, screaming at people not to go through there. People were trying to climb the balcony with the ladder, I told people not to do that and dropped the ladder down.”

Canice said he couldn’t enjoy the party because he was making sure everyone was safe. No one was seriously injured.

Julie says her son had the “worst party of his life” while the guests had the best. Both Canice and his mother say they were totally unaware so many teenagers would show up. The party was initially planned on Facebook, but it wasn’t until a Twitter photo went viral that interest ballooned. The photo was a “selfie” of Canice inside his mansion, smiling from ear to ear.

The smile would soon fade as the fallout from the massive party became clear. Around 60 police units were called to contain the raucous party on Stanley Carberry Drive, in Brampton. Windows were smashed, and the mansion was trashed. Damage is estimated at around $70,000 dollars. Julie says police are not considering charges, though they are questioning individuals who attended that night.

Canice says he feels terrible that he put his mother through so much grief. She is a single mother.

“I just felt so bad for my mom, because I put her through so much. My mom is stressed already. I added so much more stress on her. I really broke down.”

His only punishment was losing his cell phone for a day. His mother, Julie, was about give him a more severe sentence but said she couldn’t after seeing his remorse.

“He’s a good kid,” she says, and that is why she could never have imagined a party of this magnitude materializing in her unfinished mansion and getting so out of hand. The party – which attracted people from as far away as Oshawa and Hamilton – has made Canice a bit of a celebrity in Brampton and beyond. He says people from India and Australia are trying to “friend” him on Facebook.

The massive bash made international news and the video has been widely circulated on social media.

Canice says he’s learned a very important lesson after this: “think before you tweet.”

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