May 9, 2014 10:45 am

4-year-old cancer patient Hannah Day now showing no traces of cancer

Hannah Day gives a thumbs up.

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VANCOUVER – It’s the best news anyone could hope for.

Four-year-old Victoria resident, Hannah Day, is now cancer free.

Global News first told you about Hannah’s fight last year. The little girl has been in and out of hospital half her life battling two forms of cancer. 

When she was only two, she was first diagnosed with Rabdomyocarcoma, an extremely rare form of cancer.

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But 15 months of chemotherapy helped Hannah beat all odds and the family thought she was home-free.

However, just before leaving for a trip to Disney World, routine blood work revealed Hannah had developed leukemia.

Her only hope for survival was a stem cell transplant, but doctors could not find a perfect match.

However, Hannah’s family was not going to give up, and her mom Brooke donated one-litre of her stem cells to her daughter.

And now it appears things are looking up.

In a posting on Hannah’s blog, Brooke wrote:

Big celebration today! Hannah’s bone marrow biopsy shows zero traces of leukaemia [sic]. Her chimerism [cells] came back 100 percent my stem cells and we are being discharged today! We are not out of the water yet and cannot return to our Victoria home right now, but this is the best news we can ask for. Day 48 and 52 to go before we will be Victoria bound. We are going to get chocolate wasted!!!”

Canada currently has 326,000 people who are already registered as potential stem-cell donors. More than 750 Canadians who are currently awaiting a stem-cell transplant.

To become a stem-cell donor you can fill out a questionnaire online if you’re between the ages of 17 and 35, and you’ll be sent a kit in the mail. A swab of your cheeks will reveal if you’re a suitable donor. Once identified as a match, donors will undergo one of two procedures. Stem cells can be harvested from bone marrow under general anesthetic, or through peripheral blood stem cell donation.


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