May 9, 2014 8:56 am

Another derelict vessel sinks in Cowichan Bay

VANCOUVER – There are renewed calls for the federal government to take action on the derelict vessels littering B.C.’s waterways.

It comes after the latest sinking, this time in Cowichan Bay. The 137-foot ‘S. S. Beaver’ sank earlier this week leading to locals to worry about diesel pollution in the area.

Dealing with the vessels technically falls under the jurisdiction of federal authorities, but critics argue too many groups are involved, leading to confusion around enforcement and cleanup.

“It’s the same old ‘pass the buck,” says Lori Lannidinardo, Cowichan Bay CVRD area director. “Then at the end, like it happened today, the boat now sinks and we as taxpayers actually have to pay more.”


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