May 5, 2014 9:11 pm

Kelowna’s tap water named the best in B.C.

The B.C. Water and Waste Association is putting the tap water in the province to the test.

The association held its first “Best of the Best” tap water taste test competition at their annual conference in Whistler today.

B.C. and Yukon suppliers of drinking water were invited to submit a water sample, which was judged by water taste professionals.

A panel of experts was assembled to test tap water samples from 11 different B.C. communities.

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The judges used criteria such as appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel, aftertaste and overall impression.

The big winner turned out to be the city of Kelowna.

City’s Acting Utility Services Manager Mike Gosselin had to bring over water samples for the competition. He says the samples came straight from a tap in one of the city of Kelowna’s facilities.

“I put [the water] into the bottles, put them on the ice and brought them here,” says Gosselin.

He says the city uses UV radiation and chlorine to treat its water, but credits Okanagan Lake for giving them the the best water in Western Canada.

B.C. Water and Waste Association President Jennifer Crosby says British Columbians should care more about where their water comes from and where their waste water goes.

“For the most part it really seems like it is magic that takes it to your tap and takes it away from your toilette,” says Crosby. “But in reality there is an entire army of people behind the scenes, and there is a huge network of infrastructure under the roads and behind the walls.”

She says their association is holding the Drinking Water Week campaign until May 10 to educate British Columbians about reducing their water consumption.

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