April 28, 2014 4:25 pm

Animal groups sound alarm over leg traps, after wounded dog brought in

CALGARY- The damage caused by leg traps is beginning to come apparent for animal rescue organizations.

In mid-April, a rabbit with its leg stuck in a trap was found running around the community of Midnapore, sparking concerns about what would happen if a pet ran into one. Now, a dog has been rescued from a property south of Calgary, where he also got trapped in one of the dangerous devices.

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“We thought the leg would have to be amputated, but luckily there were just two holes through the bone,” says Deanna Thompson of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, which took in the pup named Journey. “Somehow, the leg stayed intact.”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other animals turned into the society over the past few years.

“The first dog we encountered in a leg hold trap actually chewed her leg off in order to get out of it,” Thompson shares. “That is probably what saved her life.

“Unfortunately she lost her leg we had to amputate it up higher.”

While leg traps are legal, several animal rights groups are now working to get them banned.

“The problem is, anything can get caught in it. A dog, a rabbit, you name it, even a child could wind up in it.”

A reward has since been offered for information leading to whoever set the leg trap near Midnapore.

-With files from Carolyn Kury de Castillo

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