April 24, 2014 6:47 pm

Alison Redford serves notice to continue absence from legislature

Watch above: There aren’t too many jobs where you can still get paid even if you don’t show up for work, but Alison Redford seems to have one. Francis Silvaggio explains.

CALGARY- She hasn’t been in the Alberta Legislature since stepping down as premier a month ago, and that won’t be changing any time soon.

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Alison Redford, who is still the MLA for Calgary-Elbow, served official notice to the speaker that she will continue to be absent from sessions. However, her excuse is confidential.

Under Section 34 of the Legislative Assembly Act, politicians are allowed to miss sittings due to illness, injury, bereavement or official business.

Redford did not detail how long she’ll be away, but political analysts believe her absence is due to stress.

“It gets a bit awkward when we talk about medical leave in the situation of an elected politician, and that may sound unfair but that’s a realistic way of viewing it,” says Duane Bratt from Mount Royal University. “I have no doubt she applied for medical leave under stress.

“She has been under tremendous stress and public embarrassment and all of that. It’s just, every option looks bad.”

Redford continues to be paid in full as an MLA.


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