April 24, 2014 12:43 pm

Police seize Ferrari for excessive speeding; find young child as a passenger

Video: A Langley man was pulled over in Surrey while testing out his new Ferrari — at speeds more than 100 kilometres an hour above the posted limit. And what shocked police even more was that he was driving so fast with his 10-year-old son riding shotgun. Brian Coxford reports.

A Langley man driving his Ferrari 101 km/h over the posted speed limit wasn’t the only thing that surprised police when they pulled him over in his luxury sports car in Surrey on April 19.

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“Despite the driver’s extremely excessive speed, the real surprise for officers was when they saw a young child in the vehicle with the man,” said RCMP Cpl Robert McDonald.

“I don’t know how someone could put a child at risk like that.”

The child, who was about 10 years old, is the driver’s son and was in the passenger seat of the high-end sports car.

The 49-year-old driver of the 2005 Ferrari F430 was heading southbound on 176th Street at 32nd Avenue in Surrey, when he  was pulled over by police for driving 101 km/h over the 80 km/h posted speed limit.

When police questioned why the man was speeding so excessively, he told them he had purchased the car two days prior and was “just testing it out.”

Along with being issued an excessive speeding ticket, which carries the cost of $483, the driver had his vehicle impounded for seven days.

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