April 23, 2014 3:46 pm

Founder of Parker Street Food Bank steps down as executive director


HALIFAX – Local philanthropist Mel Boutilier has resigned from his volunteer position as executive director at Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank.

Boutilier, who stepped down Wednesday, said he resigned because of changes to the policies and operations of the organization made by its board of directors.

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“I’m a compassionate person,” he said. “If anybody needs help when we’re not open, I’m going to find a way to get help for them. That’s always been my style. And they’ve made some policies that have made it a little difficult to do that.”

Boutilier received hip replacement surgery last August and said while he was recuperating, he was surprised to learn the board had hired a new operations manager.

“I was used to being hands on, working with the staff, doing different projects and now I am told that I’m not allowed to talk to them to have them do anything,” he said.

“I’m the director with no authority.”

Representatives from the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank were unavailable for comment.

Boutilier founded the organization in 1983 and has been working there as a volunteer for the past 31 years.

It provides food to approximately 250 families throughout Halifax and helps families in need with their power and heating bills.

Boutilier said despite the news, he won’t be giving up on volunteering.

“I’ve been talking to some business people about some concerns for young people in the inner city and the north end of the city,” he said.

“I’m certainly going to be involved in something.”



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