February 5, 2014 6:15 pm

Rob Ford was ‘targeted’ by RCMP in Vancouver, brother says

TORONTO – Doug Ford is suggesting his brother, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, was “targeted” on a recent trip to Vancouver where he was ticketed with jaywalking.

“If his name was John Smith he wouldn’t have gotten a ticket,” Councillor Ford told reporters at Toronto city hall Wednesday.

The fine for jaywalking in Vancouver is $109.

Ford was ticketed while walking on North Road, a busy road that divides Burnaby and Coquitlam.

The mayor told reporters at city hall Wednesday that he was “perplexed” by the fine because “everybody jaywalks.”

WATCH: Rob Ford perplexed by jaywalking ticket

“When I was like five years old, you run across the street … when there’s an ice cream store across the street and I’m a little tyke, I scoot across the street,” he said.

He said he understands the RCMP have a job to do and readily admitted he’s broken the law “a lot” but said jaywalking tickets in Toronto are rare.

The mayor claimed he was with 15 other people at the time but was singled out by the RCMP officer who allegedly said “you’re Rob Ford, come with me.”

The RCMP has thus far refused to comment on the jaywalking ticket.

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